Vector of two credit cards. Represents small business credit and personal credit.

Small Business Credit—What it is, How to Use it, and Options

Many businesses, both large and small, rely on borrowed capital to fuel growth and fund business initiatives. In other words, borrowing is just part of the equation. This means small business owners need to understand how their credit impacts their ability to borrow more than the average consumer looking to purchase a house or buy a new car. 

What you need to know about business credit

Every small business owner basically has two credit profiles. Their personal credit score and business credit history. In order to understand how credit impacts a business owner’s ability to access borrowed capital, you need to know both.

Business credit options explained

Part of building and maintaining good credit is understanding what your credit options are and how they can affect you. Here are a few resources that will serve as a way to get yourself familiar with the types of credit.

Small business credit templates and tools

Resources to help you manage your credit and improve your business health.

Small business credit FAQ

Yes, an LLC can have a business credit score. It's separate from the owner's personal credit and is based on the company's creditworthiness.

There's no set score to start a business. However, a higher personal credit score can help secure better financing. 680 is often seen as a good starting point.

Start by getting a business credit card or a small business loan, ensuring your business is listed with credit bureaus, and consistently making payments on time.

Building business credit can take 1 to 2 years and depends on consistent and responsible credit management.

Different lenders have varying requirements. Generally, a score of 680 or above is more attractive but some lenders may approve lower scores.

Business credit can be used for a variety of purposes including purchasing equipment or inventory, covering operating expenses, funding expansions or renovations, or providing a cushion for unforeseen expenses.