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How to Write a Business Plan for Your Specific Industry

Kody Wirth | Jun 23, 2023

When writing a business plan there are sections you should include no matter your business type. However, there may be additional industry-specific information to research and include to make your plan useful. Check out our growing list of industry business planning guides for tips on how to curate your plan to succeed in your chosen industry.

Cleaning, repairs, & maintenance

It’s only a matter of time before something breaks, needs a bit of upkeep, or even just some tidying up. Make sure your cleaning, repair, or maintenance business plan is solid so your business stands out in your industry.

Consulting, advertising & marketing industry

With a lot of career options, this industry is booming with creative talent and valued expertise. Success in this industry means staying up-to-date with consumer trends and current culture while providing quality service to your clients.


With the right space available to you, running a business hosting events can be a fruitful experience. From formal parties, concerts, weddings, to business conferences, smaller-scale experiences, and more, it’s important to keep your planning tidy when running an events space.

Farm and agriculture

An important industry for the growth and care of our food, livestock, and sustainability, farm and agriculture are imperative for our health and wellness. Whether you are growing crops or working with wildlife, it’s important to keep things organized and running smoothly.

Food and beverage industry

An industry bursting with opportunities and equally fierce competition—to thrive here takes more than good food. Whether you’re a full-service restaurant or selling direct-to-consumer pastries you need to stay on top of technology and find a hook that sets you apart.

Healthcare and medical industry

Made up of insurance, marketing, pharmaceuticals, tech, and administrative support—you must account for legal and regulatory compliance when writing your plan.

Online and eCommerce industry

Digital services and online shopping show explosive growth that is dominated by an ever-growing list of new entrants competing with larger well-established organizations. Sourcing and fulfillment along with distinct competitive advantages should take priority during the planning process.

Real estate and rentals industry

Covering land, residential, commercial, and industrial property—real estate ownership is far more varied and unique than it may appear. And the types of business opportunities within this industry follow suit with various opportunities across real estate development, management, lending, and professional services.

Retail and service industry

Selling physical goods or an intangible service relies heavily on you understanding who your customers are and knowing why what you’re selling meets their needs. Ideally, you have a passion for what you offer and can make that quality come through within your plan.

Why you should keep your industry in mind when writing a business plan

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to business planning. Yes, there is a traditional structure to keep in mind—but what you include and the level of detail fully depends on your needs as a business owner. It also depends on the industry that you’re entering.

Starting an eCommerce business? Make sure you have your sourcing and fulfillment as well as your marketing strategy ironed out. Renting out an Airbnb? Be sure that you have extensive details of the market, your competition, and an accurate forecast that goes beyond the startup costs.

Taking the time to understand why businesses succeed in a given industry can help you write a better plan. It may not change the overall structure, but it does inform you of where your time should be spent and what parts of your plan need to be ironclad.

Industry business plan templates and tools

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